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Homeworld of the Gorn Confederation

New Tactics Section added.... Gorn Basics

Page Updated: Tuesday December 18, 2001

Welcome to Ghdar, the place where the Confederation began. This web site is dedicated to all things Gorn. The material presented here is based on the Star Fleet Command game created by Taldren/Interplay.

On this site you will find Gorn material ranging from full backgrounds to ship models. All material here is owned by the author of the material.

The Gorn background material that is on this site is based off the material I originally wrote for Hailing Frequencies. The work was derived from source material provided by ADB, FASA and the original Star trek Series episode, the Arena.

The background material found here is NOT official and in no way attempts to be. It has been used in part by Taldren for Gorn background in SFC2:EAW and SFC2:OP.

The material provided here is freely availble to the public. Material on this site may be linked to and used, provided proper credit for the creation of the material is given. The material on this site may NOT be used for any endeavor that could generate income without the expressed written consent of the materials original author.

E.L. Crisler
aka S'faret

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