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Homeworld of the Gorn Confederation

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Race Profile: The Gorn
E.L. "S'faret" Crisler

This article originally appeared in Hailing Frequencies issue 4. It has been recreated here from the original material.

Ask a player about the Federation in Starfleet Command, not the ships or the way they play, but about the people of the Federation, the government, and their ideals. That player will be able to quickly provide an answer. As the same player about the Klingons or the Romulans, again an answer is easily forth coming. These three races have been well defined over the years by the Star Trek fans around the world. Their cultures, ideals, even their languages have been fleshed out. Playing these races it is easy to immerse yourself into the game. To BECOME a Romulan, a Klingon or even a Starfleet officer.  

Sadly the same cannot be said about the other races in SFC. The Lyrans have a bit more culture definition; a lot of stuff was done about them in SFB. The Hydrans have some but in many ways they are very background poor. Then we have the Gorn, a race that actually made the show for one episode. We know what they look like and where they are from. Tidbits of background have leaked out but while SFB provided some material, the truth is the Gorn are largely undefined. At least they seem that way to me.

When I started playing SFB all those years ago, this aspect of the Gorn bothered me. I would grab every piece of Gorn fiction that was published in the old Captains Logs. I would devour them and try to flesh out the race I loved the play. But the more I read the more it read like Federation material. Oh true they where giant lizards and some difference where seen, but their culture was left undefined and the stories felt like Federation stories with the characters having a different costume.

Well after a while I found this boring and felt cheated. However rather than run to play another race, I took it upon myself to correct this lack of information. And so about 1985 I started on what you see today. Until a few weeks ago this collection was a bunch of notes, scattered on various pieces of paper and mental notes that where buried under years of other material.

This material is based on information garnished from SFB, the original Star Trek Series and the FASA Star Trek game. These various sources where used as a base for my work here, not as definitive sources. All material here is unofficial at best. I freely release this material into the public domain. All I ask in return is proper recognition of the author.



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