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Homeworld of the Gorn Confederation

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The Gorn military follows the same structure as the government in many aspects. The overall command structure provides a general strategy or a set of specific goals. The sector commander then refines the goals as he sees fit and issues them to the fleet or ship commander. This commander then determines how to make it actually happen. There is a great deal of freedom at each level and results are in most case more important than methods. 

Lets begin by taking a look at the Gorn military training methods. Most races have an Academy, to train their officers. The Gorn have 4 such academies. The training begins when the Gorn enlists. He will undergo three days of intensive testing. Then he will undergo another 2 days of physiological evaluation. Once this is done the Gorn is assigned to the particular training area best suited for his skills.  

The Enlisted School is the training facility for the everyday crewmen of the Gorn space forces. These are skilled laborers that showed no special talents or skills. They will never advance high in rank but their efforts are always treated with respect for without them the Navy would not exist. Their ranks include, Recruit, Junior Crewman, Senior Crewman and Exemplary Crewman. 

The Marine School is where the security forces and ground force for the Gorn are taught. As with the enlisted these Gorn will become nothing more than what they are but there are highly respected for the dangerous job they perform. Ranks include: Private, Corporal, Junior Sergeant, Senior Sergeant, and Master Sergeant. 

The next school is the Support Academy. These Officers are trained to run certain departments on a starship. These include navigation, sciences, medical and engineering. These officers can obtain the following ranks: Ensign, Junior Lieutenant, Senior Lieutenant, and Exemplary Lieutenant. 

The last school is Command School. These Gorn have shown excellent leadership skills and excel in the areas of command. They are trained with a base knowledge of all aspects of a ships operations but do not have the in-depth skills of the others schools. Ranks include: Junior Commander, Senior Commander, Junior Captain, and Senior Captain.  

All ranks listed are Human translations and approximations. 

The upper echelon of Gorn Space Command are made up of Gorn that have begun to reach older ages and so felt it was time to retire from the field. They then bring their skills to the administrative level. When a Gorn chooses this direction he is promoted to higher ranks over his area of expertise. These ranks include Commodore, Rear Admiral, and Vice Admiral. The Gorn Assembly, based on recommendations from the Gorn High Command, appoints the position of Fleet Admiral. 

Basically what this means is that a Gorn knows where he is going in his career when he starts down the path. It is VERY rare that an Engineer ever receive command training. Or that an enlisted man ever advances to officer ranks.  

The Gorn fleet command is divided along traditional lines. The Gorn 2nd fleet is assigned to the Federation border, it provides defense against possible federation aggression as well as watches for traders seeking to violate the trade laws of the Gorn. The 3rd fleet is charged with protecting the Romulan border and is the most active fleet in Gorn Space Command. It is considered an honor to be assigned to the 3rd fleet. The 4th fleet was assigned to help assist with Romulan defense and do exploration. However the discovery of a new race in this area have turned them more defensive. The 6th fleet currently is assigned for deep space exploration. Their task is to seek out new worlds for the Gorn to colonize. 

The Gorn Home Fleet is actually made up of the 1st and 5th fleet. This large group of ships provides anti-piracy patrols as well as defense of the Gorn home worlds. It also is set to be a rapid response unit to either the federation or Romulan border as needed.

Gorn Special Units: 

  • Guardians Errant: This is the oldest military group in Gorn service. The Guardians can trace their ancestry back to the Iron Age of the Ghdar. At that time the Guardians were formed by a group of nobles that felt the weak should be protected. So this group wandered Ghdar, defending the weak and fighting those that would hurt others. When Ghdar was eventually united under one King, the Guardians where the elite force that helped this to come about. 

    The Guardians continued in this capacity for most of Gorn history, serving as an elite force that protects Gorn from all enemies. However their allegiance shifted from the King during the unification. When the Ghdar began to subjugate the other two Gorn races the Guardians felt it was a crime and broke from their Royal charter. Within weeks of this happening the Gorn learned that the Ghdar where not the parent race of the Gorn, just another transplanted group. Many feel that the Guardians position was a swaying factor in the formation of the Confederate Assembly. 

    To this date the Guardians serve as the special forces of the Assembly. However there are secrets within the Guardians that most Gorn do not know. The Guardians are more than the special forces of the assembly; they are also their intelligence agency. The Guardians have made pacts with various Orion clans, providing weapons and personnel, in return for intelligence about their neighbors. Since it would not be possible for a Gorn spy to appear on, say a Romulan world, this was a logical choice. The Guardians apparent close tie with some Orions has led many to believe they are mercenaries. They have done little to dissuade this thinking since it helps provide cover for their other activities.

    In truth the Guardians Errant continue their tradition as noble defenders of the Gorn. They have pledged their lives to defend the Gorn from all enemies, without or within. They fight for love of their people and pride of their heritage. Since they often have to fight alone, the Guardians tend to have larger ships than the Kingís Guard. However while the Kings Guard operates in small squadrons the Guardians tends to operate alone.  Shadow Guardians: This organization is almost unheard of and is actually a subsection of the Guardians Errant.


  • The Shadow Guardians are an elite force of Gorn Marines. Even more elite than the Gorn Vanguard teams. This team has a certain limitation that makes it work so well. All itís members have an active chameleon gene.  Totaling about 100, this team is used on only the most vital missions. When not being deployed they are usually assigned a security chiefs on various Guardian Errant ships.


  • The Kings Guard: This united was formed about 50 years after the planate Ghdar was united. The Guardians Errant, while a strong a loyal unit, where not loyal to the King but rather the people. This bothers those in royalty so they formed an elite guard to protect their interest. This guard is loyal to the royals first and then the Gorn people. Members of the Kings Guard are chosen from the ranks of the Gorn Space Command and then sent to special training. They are truly elite warriors with skills that are unsurpassed. 

    The Kings Guard operate in small squadrons, usually with Destroyers and Light Cruisers. Due to the nature of their operations they are incredible small unit and fleet action fighters but in solo combat they are not usually as skilled.


  • Defenders of the Egg: This group is less a military force and more a group of religious fanatics. While they do follow the normal chain of command, they also feel they must answer to a higher power, the Mistress of Fertility. This religious order works with concert to the goals of the nobility. In fact they promote the use of various methods to produce a larger percentage of Blue-Yellow scaled Gorn. While the Assembly does not favor it, the nobility has allowed the Mistress to recruit a small fleet of Gorn ships to her cause. They provide a body guard to the Mistress as well as ferry her priest to various functions.



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