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Homeworld of the Gorn Confederation

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The Confederation

The Gorn Confederation, in the form of a three-world union began almost 290 years ago, assuming a present time in SFC of year 175 SFB. At this time the Gorn world of Ghdar had progressed to the point that they where beginning to colonize their own star system and had sent out the first manned mission to the closest neighboring star, Geydar.

It should be noted here how the home worlds of the Gorn are situated. All three worlds orbit a red star; the three red stars all exist within 1- light years of each other. While not technically a triple star system, they share some of the characteristics of such a system. As all three systems orbit the galaxy, they also orbit each other. Their position between the galactic arms made them an astronomical curiosity but probes to them would not be available for many years from other races due to their remote location.

When the first Ghdar ship reached Geydar the Gorn on the ship where very surprised. Here was a race that was nearing a major step forward into its industrial phase. (About late 1890s to early 1900s human development terms.) The Ghdar where so amazed at finding, what appeared to be themselves that they threw caution to the wind and made first contact immediately. Once the away team was down and seemed to be accepted the ship made a rapid return to Ghdar to report their findings. The political climate on Ghdar at this time was a race united. The Ghdar had in fact been united under a single king for almost 1000 years at this point. The King of Ghdar immediately declared Geydar a colony of his imperial court and dispatched 4 overlords to take control of the new colony. Now due to time this meant that it was almost 3 years from the time that the first ship had arrived until the second ship was launched. However the second ship used a new propulsion system. The new propulsion system was one of the early designs of warp power. Due to high fuel consumption and large size this drive was only produced in limited numbers and it was not until a more advanced design, many years later, which the Gorn stepped out of their triple star area of space. This new ship was able to cover the 1.3 light-year journey in about 6 months.

During this time things on Geydar had progressed much quicker than anticipated. The Ghdar Gorn where received as saviors and with more awe than was expected or actually typical. It seemed that the anthropological skills of the Geydar where far superior to the Ghdar. As such the Geydar already knew they had been transplanted here. The coming of the Ghdar was seen as the parents coming home to reclaim the children. This helped a great deal in the eventually subjugation of the Geydar world, since they literally handed it over. In fact they where so eager to help the Ghdar that by the time the next ship arrived, the Geydar had pretty much united all their minor nations and had begun work to adopt the Ghdar language.

At the same time this was all occurring a second interstellar ship had landed at Gihdahr. Again the Gorn arriving where amazed to discover a race that was in essence themselves. However the Gorn of Gihdahr where not as advanced as the Geydar, having only really entered a metal age stage of development.

The meeting here was much less cordial than the one the Gorn had met on Geydar. Here the Gorn where still very tribal and warlike and the Gorn landers where met with mixed reactions. Some felt they where invaders and fought them to the bitter end. In fact one small tribe was wiped out as they attempted to assault the Gorn lander. Others took the arrival as Gods falling from heaven. To their credit, the Gorn of Ghdar did not promote this view and rather fought against it.

In the end a larger Ghdar force was sent to take control of this new colony and within 5 years of initial contact the two additional worlds where under Ghdar control. For the next 15 to 20 years the Gorn were ruled under the leadership of the King of Ghdar. The abundance of natural resources from Gihdahr where exploited and the ready labor class of the Geydar used to refine the resources. However the Gorn where in fact a benevolent master. All the while their education system worked with the two less developed worlds and the Gorn quickly moved toward being a united people.

The first such step came with the fall that any child would experience with a first step. It seems that an examination of the Gorn worlds by the Geydar

Anthropologists revealed that NONE of the Gorn where native to their three worlds. In truth all three Gorn species were planted on the planets they had known as home. This caused quite a stir on Geydar, since they had allowed themselves to be easily subjugated due to a belief that the Gorn on Ghdar had a right to rule them. This level of public dissention created a lot of stirring within the Gorn Monarchy. It seems at this time the Gorn of Geydar account for almost 50% of the total Gorn population. As such an uprising by these Gorn could and would succeed.

In a move to head off this problem the King of Ghdar proposed a new government be formed. One that showed the Gorn as three people but one race. And so the Confederation was born. Some early strife did exist, especially among the nobles of Ghdar, but in the end a more representative form of government won out.

Today the Gorn have become a truly single race. When you realize that many of the Gorn that where a part of the early Confederation are still alive today this is truly miraculous. Some social classing still exists but for the most part it has been eliminated in the society. The Grays of Ghdar tend toward political roles and science pursuits. The Browns of Geydar are mostly in the industrial and middle management roles. The Greens of Gihdahr where at first the most warlike of the Gorn races and still today occupy most of the positions in Gorn Space Command.


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