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Homeworld of the Gorn Confederation

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Now that we see how the Gorn exists as a people lets take a look at the young and how they are raised. As mentioned in the first section, Gorn are born from eggs. Various communities to raise these young Gorn use the old Gorn. Since Gorn in their old age, do not lose their mental facilities, they are considered the perfect teachers of the young.

The family structure of the Gorn is very loose. Few is any Gorn truly know who their parents where, with the exception of the royal family of Ghdar. When the eggs are laid the female moves on to other pursuits and the community raises the young Gorn. 

The family units a Gorn grows to know are very broad. The Clutch, is the group of Gorn all born in the same community within about a month of each other. These are the Gorn the child spends most of its first 10 years with the closest thing to family a Gorn knows. The Clan is the community a Gorn grows up in. These are his teachers and his early role models. They shape the ideals of the Gorn child. The pack is the Gorn one works with. They can be shipmates, school chums or co-workers in a factory.

The Clan educates the Gorn child until the age of 10. In this time the young Gorn will receive the equivalent of a college education and have a good sense of what he wants to do with his life. At the age of ten the Gorn is put through the Rite of Passage. This ceremony marks the end of his childhood and the beginning of being an adult. 

The first step of the Rite is the removal of the tail from the Gorn. It seems that the Ghdar decided long ago that the tail of a Gorn was a sign of their animal roots and childhood. Hence at the age of 10 the Gorn has the tail removed. Even today this practice is still performed with this being an indication of adulthood.  

However recently a small trend has grown on Gihdahr, where some females have decided that the tail will be left on. This is looked down on by the Gorn as a society, seen as an attempt to keep childhood. However another aspect less spoken of is the vulgarity of the tail. It seems that in an adult female the tail is actually a part of the anatomy that a male Gorn finds most arousing, hence walking around with the tail in full growth and exposed is much like a human female running around all day in a bikini. 

Once the tail has been removed the Gorn picks his adult name. Until now any name used for him was considered that of a child. His first decision as an adult is to identify himself to all others. He must do this, as the Gorn feel it is not their right to choose the path or the person another Gorn should become. 

Now the young Gorn determines his path, be it more schooling to be a scientist, entering the labor force, joining space command or entering the political arena. The Gorn's life is now his own and his path is totally his choice. 



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